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A Personal Note from our Co-Founder & Jojo's Favorite son--


Sugar-free never tasted so good. 

We at JOJO's are on a mission to help America consume less sugar and to challenge the way people view chocolate. You CAN eat your chocolate DAILY and not feel guilty about it. Now, we’re proud to introduce our newest chocolate bars to further fulfill that mission - JOJO's Goes Hawaiian & JOJO's Raspberry Dream! Our first insanely delicious chocolate bars with No Added Sugar!!

You might be wondering why Jojo created the most delicious sugar free chocolate ever...


During JOJO’s fight and journey through cancer, natural healing and nutrition became the focus as traditional treatments stopped helping. After reading books from industry experts, attending conferences, and being a patient at Hope 4 Cancer, Jojo became even more passionate about health. She wanted to give her body the best fighting chance against cancer by eating completely sugar free. So we created these delicious no sugar added chocolate bars with her! To clarify, we are not saying that JOJO's chocolate prevents cancer. However we strongly believe that consuming less sugar, along with other health & lifestyle choices, enables you to prevent and fight cancer.


During her last year of life, Jojo was SO excited about her bar 'JOJO’s Goes Hawaiian'. Her favorite place in the world was Hawaii and nothing reminded her more of Hawaii than macadamia nuts and coconut (let’s be honest... does life get any better than chocolate covered macadamia nuts & pina coladas on the beach?) We're proud to bring her dreams of creating a sugar free bar to life.  We hope you love our brand-new flavors inspired by Jojo herself. Living healthier means living happier.


You'll also see Jojo's spirit reflected in our new packaging! JOJO’s partnered with design agency Enlisted to create a full-rebrand including a new logo, colorful packaging and an illustration of Jojo herself on the front of the package. We simplified the hierarchy of information on the packaging to emphasize the things that make JOJO’s chocolate great, low or no-sugar, added protein, and exceptional ingredients. In addition to the beautiful product photography that showcases what we do best, chocolate; the new branding includes playful graphic elements really capturing the essence of JOJO’s spirit bringing her positive and fun personality to the packaging.



With love & Chocolate

- Sterling, her favorite son 



  • Sandy

    Oh my goodness, I knew all about the Hawaiian JoJo’s. But no one told me about the raspberry, almond, pistachio and a touch of coconut. This is a chocolate made with a touch of heaven. Raspberry Dream, Perfection!

  • suzanne R kenney

    My daughter sent me some for my birthday. They are delicious. I will order more soon. I am on the East Coast outside of Boston and they do not sell them around here so my options are to order only. Great product with nutritional goal. I like putting something healthy in my BODY especially at this crucial time. God Bless.

    Stay well and healthy right now…get back to you soon.

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