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WHY WE MADE IT: Since no-sugar was our aim, and taste our game we combined our favorite berry, raspberry, with our favorite food, chocolate. 

The result? Chocolate that will have you dreaming about raspberries. With delicious Dark Chocolate, <1G Sugar, boosted with hemp protein, topped with the raspberries, almonds, and pistachios it’s a berry lover’s dream! The perfect blend of tart, sweet and decadent, JOJO’s Raspberry Dream will make a tasty addition to your daily routine!

Raspberry Dream

64% Dark Chocolate, Pistachios, Almonds, Raspberries & Hemp Protein

Ingredients with a purpose

  • Raspberry

    Raspberries are low in calories but full of vitamins, minerals and fiber, helping combat diseases and can even support anti-aging!

  • Pistachios

    This heart-healthy nut helps with weight management, protects against diabetes and hypertension, and can help improve digestion.

  • Almonds

    One of the healthiest nuts, rich in vitamins, a significant source of protein & fiber, while being naturally low in sugar.

  • Hemp Protein

    Hemp Protein offers a healthy dose of dietary fiber that helps regulate blood glucose to prevent energy crashes & sugar cravings.