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JOJO's Reviews

"I am obsessed with Jojo's. I probably eat a little everyday It's a great sweet treat and it doesn't make me feel yucky after, like so many chocolates do! Love it."


"This chocolate was hands down the best chocolate I have EVER had. It was rich. It was creamy. It was filling. It was satisfying. Every single bite was amazing and so fulfilling. So worth every single penny. I kid you not :)"


Those who know me know that while I love staying in shape, I'm not willing/able to forgo treats! I was SO impressed with this high protein antioxidant rich chocolate. It did NOT taste like it should be good for me... I could satisfy my sweet tooth with it every single day!"


This is excellent chocolate. I am not really a dark chocolate fan but this is very tasty. I have reordered it several times and believe the claims it will help or even eliminate the cravings. I just don't want to, I like my chocolate too much. I will be a continual customer. If you haven't tried it, you need to."


I purchased these bars because my family loves dark chocolate. These bars are absolutely delicious and made with fine quality ingredients. Since there are 3 of us I have to purchase 3 monthly orders a month, which can get a little expensive, but it is money well spent! If you like dark chocolate you will not be disappointed by purchasing these bars, good product at a good price."



We tried JOJO's- Healthy 70% Dark Chocolate Bark, and we loved this dark chocolate!! Yummy good! ..It has almonds, pistachios, and cranberries mixed in and is a delicious taste, as well as a nice texture. FYI, we were given 20% off for our fair and honest review."


I started a 3 day sugar detox and was looking for a healthy dark chocolate for when I was done, I came across JoJo's and decided to give it a try. Deeeeelicious! This chocolate not only tastes good but also comes with instructions about how to use it to beat your sugar cravings and it actually does! The portion size is very generous and they even encourage you to eat a piece before bed which definitely helped with my night time sweet tooth cravings as well as providing my body of protein while I sleep...


Great to find a chocolate that is healthier with far less sugar and far more protein than average. The chocolate has a great texture and taste - love the crunch and chewy in my selection with cranberries, almonds, and pistachios. Yummy, and very filling and satisfying. I am very happy with the purchase and will buy again. "


Kudos to JoJo! I read her story on her website. JOJO's dark chocolate is delicious and love its different textures. I also can't believe that I took one bite of one piece and was able to put it away! That didn't stop me from thinking about it, but I wanted to see how long I could hold out before getting another chocolate craving. Somehow, mysteriously to me, I was able to fend off my chocolate craving for a lot longer than usual. Now I want to know what the secret is! :)"


Great for the chocolate lover who just wants a small snack that will satisfy. The addition of pistachios, almonds, cranberries and casein protein make even a 1/2 bar quite filling. Great texture and taste."


I'm a huge fan of anything chocolate and if it's dark chocolate that's even better as far as I'm concerned. But add in almonds, pistachios and cranberries and this was just excellent. I was so happy when the box arrived and they were packed in styrofoam and an ice pack to keep them from melting because it's been 110F here and I didn't want this chocolate to melt and it didn't. These bars are rich and decadent and oh so good tasting...


I hate dark chocolate. No, really, I do. I was SURE this would end up getting a low review from me and pushed off onto a family member. Color me surprised. It's absolutely delicious. The dark chocolate is bitter- but not so bitter I need to drink a bunch of soda or something to get the taste out of my mouth. It works with the other ingredients beautifully. The pistachios are nice, big chunks. The almonds are more finely chopped in/on it...


I had to get this for my mom when I saw how many of her favorite ingredients it included. The pistachios and the extra non-gmo casein protein really set it apart from other dark chocolate and fruit bars. 70% chocolate is rich enough to make your taste buds feel "full." And the extra protein gives them more lasting power. Although my mom isn't concerned with losing weight, she was very happy to get these and said they were good."


Yummy! Was very impressed on many counts. Taste for one... if you like chocolate... especially dark chocolate, you will love this... not bitter at all like some and smooth. These come in 'bars' not pieces as the pic which is nice... if you want pieces, smash them up a bit. The nuts are 'drizzled' on top... all look fresh. Was especially impressed with how the item arrived. It is summer and hot here, and was worried this would come melted as one big glob (I would have still ate it), but it was packaged nicely...



Wow this case is out of the ballpark!! I can't believe that I like anything that healthy as this is!! It's Dunn Inn Bar chunks as you can tell from my pictures of pistachio nuts chunks of cranberry it's all so yummy!!! When this arrived it came in a styrofoam box within the Amazon regular brown box with ice packs all around it. Everything down to the detail was well thought out. My chocolate arrived unmelted perfect condition as you can tell and all the chocolate was in bar form (WOW even in the height of Summer July)...


So delicious and you don't feel bad about indulging your cravings after you eat it!"


Jo Jo's is so delicious & the perfect treat to satisfy my chocolate sweet tooth!!!"


You don't understand how addictive JOJO's chocolate is until you try it...all I can say is, I'm completely converted. Their chocolate bark is delicious and definitely 'kicks my craving' for other sweets — I have one bar every day, and that's enough for me. With the dark chocolate, almonds, cranberries, and pistachios, each bar is the perfect blend of flavors and textures. Simple ingredients, incredible taste. Get your hands on some ASAP."


I love this chocolate SO much! Sometimes I make my own "healthy" chocolate, but this tastes so much better! I can't stop eating it and I don't feel bad about it because the ingredients are quite healthy. Give me more of this goodness!"


This is an awesome product. I am wheat and grain sensitive and thus unable to consume a lot of chocolate due to the additives that contain substances that cause allergic reactions, out of control carb cravings or upset stomach. This chocolate bark stops cravings for sweets and does not irritate my system in any way. Just a small piece is satisfying. This is my second order I'm a very satisfied customer."


I just was about to reach for an Almond Roca to satisfy that mid afternoon sugar craving and then thought of my bag of JoJo's chocolate bark and that sounded BETTER. I love me some good dark chocolate and this stuff is phenomenal. It has pistachios and cranberries in it for a perfect texture with smoothness and a little crunch. What I didn't realize is it has casein protein in it. Each bar has 5 grams so not only are you satisfying your chocolate/sweet tooth, you are getting a protein boost to help stabilize the glucose intake...


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