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Jojo's Story Old


Hardship can either bring you down or lift you up.

In Jodie Jones' (jojo) case, a terrifying disease became the first step in discovering a new life of strength and hope. May 2012 was the moment when Jojo was diagnosed with the 3A Breast Cancer. What followed was a whirlwind of treatments aimed to give her all the tools to fight the disease: mastectomy, chemo, radiation, and reconstructive surgery.

During this difficult time, Jojo managed to not only prove herself a true fighter, but also a creative inventor. She gave birth to a tasty and healthy snack:


It all started in our home kitchen

Jojo's end in mind was to kick her intense sugar cravings. After much trial and error in the home kitchen, she created a unique chocolate bar that tasted great and did not leave her feeling guilty.

Family and friends fell in love with the combination, which led her to sell the chocolate bark. Little did she know what great response they would get! At a Fitness Elevated Competition they quickly sold out and shortly after were featured on KUTV and KSL in Utah, + 12 News in Arizona.


And so JOJO's grew until it could no longer fulfill orderes from the home kitchen. A small chocolate factory took care of the making and we set out to health consious communities and yoga studios, often sleeping in the car while traveling from city to city.

Out goal stayed the same throughout: lets #kickthecraving.


Nowadays, JOJO's Chocolate Bark can be found on Amazon, as well as in over 50 Yoga Studios and local retail locations all over Utah and Colorado. We are working to get into retails stores + creating new combinations of healthy ingredients for ouR chocolate bark. Stay tuned because exciting things are about to come!

So, we have great news.


1. Jojo is CANCER FREE! and continues to snack on chocolate bark "guilt free" while her son runs the business.

2. Our small team is DEDICATED to provide a delicious snack that will make your health goals achievable. We stick with QUALITY, SIMPLE, and HEALTHY ingredients, nothing less than superior.

Whether you stumbled upon ouR website because you heard the word "Chocolate" or because you want to #kickyourcravings, we're here to help. Really!