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Emotional Ties to Sugar Cravings

The strong connection between emotions and sugar

For many of us, the smell of a freshly baked cookie reminds us of our mom’s kitchen and a colorful cupcake brings us right back to childhood birthday parties. There’s just something about sugary foods that grabs us and keeps us coming back for more. Sugary foods are enticing and usually comfort foods attached to happy memories!

 The truth is that too much sugar weakens our immune system, causes weight gain, and fuels oxidation in the body which leads to disease. So why does that knowledge not make us run in the opposite direction of sugar? The science behind sugar cravings is indisputable, but your emotional attachment to sugary foods is a big factor as well. 

So here’s the message we want to share with you: your attachment to sugar can be a window into deeper desires and unmet needs. Maybe your sugar cravings have a message to tell you, tied to physical and emotional needs. You might have a nutritional need that isn’t being met. For example, you may need more protein & healthy fat in your diet, or you may just be dehydrated. You might have an emotional need that’s not being fulfilled. For example, there may be a lack of love in your life, or not enough laughter.

Sugar as a substitute for something 

Many of us reach for something sweet in times of stress and sadness. If you find yourself mindlessly munching on sugary snacks during these emotional times, you may be using sugar as a symbolic substitute for something missing in your life. Perhaps instead your mind/body is craving -
  • more deep connections with friends, family or a partner.
  • more touch… hugs, hand holding, + cuddling.  
  • more letting go and lightening up. 
  • more fun. 
  • more kind words and positive affirmations to yourself. 

What to do when those cravings hit 

What in your life feels sweet, brings peace, joy, and laughter? Try doing more of THAT instead.

Here are some ideas: 

  • Jot down 5 things you are currently grateful for. 
  • Turn on some music and dance.
  • Go get a pedicure.
  • Read a book while watching the sunset.
  • Call an old friend. 
  • Walk your dog. 
  • Take a relaxing bubble bath.
  • Light a candle.
  • Watch a comedy skit.

Ultimately, our cravings are trying to tell us something. Let’s listen to them and learn from them. If you’re constantly craving sugary foods, maybe ask yourself how you can support yourself in positive ways that don’t involve sugar. Our mission at JOJO’s is to help you on your journey to reduce your sugar intake. We believe it’s important to treat yourself, but with love and compassion and low or no-sugar chocolate :) We hope JOJO’s brings more joy into your life!

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