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3 Things to Leave Behind in 2021


2020 was certainly challenging, but it taught us all a lot about our resilience and adaptability.

It’s safe to say 2021’s facing a low bar. It would be hard for things to get much harder. 

And actually, we’re feeling pretty optimistic! As we head into the new year, we want to keep building on the progress we made. So we’re leaving these three things behind. Care to join us?

Negative Self-Talk

When you think about yourself, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? So many of us immediately start criticizing ourselves. It’s crazy, really. We have to live with ourselves, but we’re usually faster than any of our peers to point out our own flaws.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Positive self-talk is possible, and it can help you lead a healthier, less-stressed life

To leave negative self-talk behind this year, it can be helpful to first identify the type of this self-talk that you’re most prone to. Being aware of it can go a long way in helping you stop it.

Then, start using one rule: don’t let yourself say anything about yourself that you wouldn’t let someone else say about a friend.

Sugar Cravings

The way sugar works in your body is pretty wild. Basically, your cells use sugar as fuel. That includes your brain cells. Those brain cells see sugar as a reward and ask for more (oftentimes, not so nicely). The more sugar you eat, the more you’re left with sugar cravings.

The flip side is true, too. The less sugar you eat, the more your sugar cravings fade.

This doesn’t mean you have to go cold turkey and give up all sweet treats, either! With low-sugar alternatives like JOJO’s Chocolate, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without hefty amounts of sugar. 

Make simple swaps like JOJO’s for your usual chocolate bar and you’ll be able to scale back the sugar without a huge effort. Then, you can say buh-bye to sugar cravings in 2021.

Diets that Make You Feel Guilty

Here at JOJO’s Chocolate, our team is all about guilt-free living. Heck, we made our chocolate so that we could enjoy our favorite indulgence without a side of guilt!

So many people resolve to change the way they eat in the new year. In fact, eating healthier and losing weight are two of the four most common resolutions. And for a lot of people, that means jumping on a diet.

But this year, we’re passing on diets that make us feel bad about the way we eat. Instead, we’re focusing on what’s good about what we eat, from tasty, nutritious produce to low-sugar, packed-with-good-for-you-ingredients JOJO’s Chocolate. Making good food choices — and making them long-term — should come down to enjoying what you eat and enjoying how good you feel after.

It’s time to say goodbye to negative self-talk, sugar cravings that strike at the worst moments, and guilt-laden diets. In 2021, we’ll be loving ourselves, our bodies, and our lives!