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Our Favorite KETO Brands to Include in Your Fridge

Keto brands you need to try

Since the keto diet continues to sweep the country, you’ve probably at least wondered about it. That might have led you to a Google search, which most likely turned up results showing that the keto diet can do a lot. It reduces blood sugar levels, makes it easier to control your appetite, and more. Plus, keto diets can be helpful for people with a broad range of health conditions, from diabetes to migraines. 

But transitioning to keto isn’t necessarily easy. You’ll need to purge grains and sugars from your fridge and pantry. And then you’ll need to exercise a whole lot of self-control. 

That is unless you replace the food groups you ditch with other delicious options (like our Goes Hawaiian Bites that have 0G of sugar and only 3G of net carbs!). To help you stay strong as you go keto, here are a few of our favorite low-carb brands.

Bonafide Provisions

When you’re transitioning to keto, you want to make sure things taste good. If they don’t, you’ll have a much harder time sticking with your diet.

Enter: Bonafide Provisions. Their seriously delicious, collagen-rich bone broth is certified organic and loaded with both nutrients and flavor. It’s great for supporting your immunity, brain function, and joints, plus it can help you have healthier, stronger hair, nails, and skin.

Not bad, right? We always keep some of their keto-friendly chicken bone broth on hand. Add it to your soups and stews to make them extra delicious. Use it to kick your cauliflower rice up a notch. Or, just warm some up on its own when you’re craving a little flavor but aren’t necessarily hungry.

ChipMonk Baking

We’re telling you, keto doesn’t have to mean depriving your sweet tooth! Just like us, ChipMonk Baking gives you ways to treat yourself. They use monkfruit in their goodies, which means you get a natural sweetener with no carbs attached. Now that’s something worth celebrating!

We love keeping some of their oh-so-good cookies in our pantry for a sweet treat whenever the craving strikes. They got a bunch of flavors well worth trying out: Chocolate ChipMonk, White Chocolate Macadamia, Peanut Butter, Lemon Poppyseed, Cinnamon Snickerdoodle, and Coconut. Pick your favorites or try their variety pack. With these cookies at the ready, it gets a whole lot easier to say no to baked goods that would crater your keto progress.


If you’re like us, doing keto isn’t always easy. Real talk: you’re probably going to miss bread. A lot.

But guess what! With Mikey’s, you can reintroduce bread products in your life in a totally keto-friendly way. They’ve got grain-free tortillas, pizza crusts, and breakfast and pizza pockets. 

They’re all really tasty, but our go-to for Mikey’s is their English muffins. They’re literally keto-certified with just two grams of net carbs, plus they have nine grams of protein per serving. Long story short, they’re an awesome, keto-friendly way to start your day — or to satisfy your bread craving whenever it strikes. You can even use them as a bun for burgers and sandwiches! 

Stock your kitchen with these keto swaps (including some JOJO’s Chocolate, of course), and sticking with your diet gets a whole lot easier.

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