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JOJO's Chocolate "not-so-secret" Ingredient...

Plant-based protein powder: What it is and why JOJO's uses it

JOJO's Chocolate is more than just a dark chocolate snack, it's a daily indulgence that you can enjoy GUILT-FREE! It's not only a high-quality 70% dark chocolate sourced from Germany, but it's also a locally produced chocolate made right here in our factories in Salt Lake City, UT. But what makes JOJO's Chocolate truly special are the ingredients we have hand selected to help you feel good and kick your sugar cravings with this "not-so-secret" ingredient...PLANT BASED PROTEIN POWDER!

We know, that's a lot of reasons to LOVE JOJO's Chocolate, but you may be wondering, 

"Why does JOJO's put Plant Based protein powder in their chocolate?"


Here are 6 reasons why JOJO's Chocolate uses plant based protein powder!

1. Increases Protein Intake

By including JOJO's Chocolate in your everyday diet, essentially you will be increasing your consumption of protein daily! You don't have to be an Olympic athlete, or even very active at all to reap the benefits of protein in your diet. Did you know JOJO's Chocolate is actually the first ever chocolate bar to have added protein powder? Skip the bland and dried out protein bars and go straight for our chocolate bark without feeling guilty! Without protein in your diet, you may experience health issues such problems using weight, feeling fatigue throughout the day, or suffer through mood swings. JOJO's is the perfect midday pick-me-up!

2. Improves Heart Health

Plant based protein actually contains all 21 known amino acids. These are nutrients that are critical to the restoration and repair of your muscle tissue. Plant Based protein helps to naturally lower your blood pressure, and contains linolenic acid which some studies suggest helps to prevent coronary disease

3. Decrease Osteoporosis Risk

Plant based protein is high in omega-6 fatty acid gamma linolenic acid. Research shows that people who consumed these fatty acids regularly had reduced to no bone loss. Plant based proteins contain good amounts of these essential fatty acids.  The next time you have a craving for sugar, reach for a bar of JOJO's and you won't only be enjoying a full chocolate bar, you'll be helping your bones too! 

4. Cleanses the Colon

Looking for a way to detox your body? Plant based protein powder is rich in soluble and unsolvable fiber. It is a plant-based protein and helps make JOJO's Chocolate Peanut Butter Delight to be dairy free, and vegan-friendly! Studies suggest that having fiber in your diet may also help in reducing the risks of colorectal cancer. Did you know that our name comes from Jojo herself! She experienced breast cancer and created JOJO's Chocolate as a way to enjoy a chocolate treat without feeling guilty! She ended up creating her own recipe for dark chocolate with protein powder, and today shares that recipe with you!

5. Reduces Sugar Cravings

(Yes, it's our favorite reason...) Our protein powder reduces sugar cravings!! JOJO's Chocolate is your daily indulgence that was created in order for you to kick your cravings! That's why we've done our research to find the best protein to add to our dark chocolate. Our plant based proteins contain nutrients which help reduce sugar cravings. Dietary fiber present in our protein is both filling and helps in the management of blood glucose, which for those suffering with diabetes or trying to control their blood sugar levels can be vital to their health. By keeping your glucose levels steady, you can avoid energy crashes and aren’t as likely to crave sugar to fill the void. Did you know, we've put 7 bars of dark chocolate in each bag of JOJO's so you can kick your sugar cravings everyday.

6. Boosts the Immune System

Plant based proteins contain the globular plant proteins albumin and edestin. They help in the formation of antibodies and enzymatic activities in the blood plasma. Globular proteins are vital for powerful immunity. Albumin and edestin proteins are highly digestible and are vital to building up a strong immunity against sickness and disease. The next time you want to help a friend who is sick, bring them flowers and JOJO's Chocolate so they can reap all the benefits an enjoyments of good health and wellness!

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  • JoJos,

    Our family absolutely loves your products…..found the bar at Costco……and we are so thrilled that you have discovered a way to cut down on the total sugar in your products while retaining an amazing taste.

    We also love that you are incorporating hemp protein.

    It would be awesome, also, if you could offer a bar that is TOTALLY free of refined sugar by using something like “Kakato” (produced by for the sweetener. Thank you for giving this wonderful treat to the world!

    Annette Slade, Eden, Utah

    Annette Slade

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