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@therealkaylacappiello's Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats


Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free | Vegan
By @therealkaylacappiello

Yes, oatmeal is great, but when the weather gets warmer sometimes all you want to eat is something cold. That's where overnight oats come in. These vegan peanut buttery overnight oats are the perfect breakfast to make the night before. Not only will you wake up and not have to cook anything, but you'll be satisfied all day. 

peanut butter banana chocolate overnight oat recipe

Cookie Ingredients:
    1. Combine oat milk, rolled oats, and peanut butter in a jar and let sit in the fridge overnight
    2. Top with sliced strawberries, bananas, and chopped JOJO's, and drizzle with melted JOJO's Dark Chocolate
    3. Enjoy!

    healthy peanut butter overnight oat recipe


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