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7 Great Sugar-Free Snacks for Busy Moms


Attention, moms! We know you’ve been put through the ringer this year. As if you didn’t have enough plates spinning — and enough on those plates — you’re having to navigate an uncertain school schedule and tons of time at home with your kids. 

Yes, that time together is precious. Yes, it can be exhausting trying to keep everyone entertained with so many places closed.

You deserve a break. We’d love to come over and clean your house for you while you put your feet up and take a breather. But since we can’t, we thought we’d at least try to make things a little easier for you. So we tapped into our network of moms to find delicious, healthy snacks for your kids.

We might not solve the “I’m bored” conundrum, but at least you’ll have a response when you hear, “I’m hungry.”

#1: JOJO’s Chocolate

Sure, we’re biased. But if you want to treat your kids to the good stuff without bracing for a sugar rush, we’ve got just the thing! JOJO's flavors come with tons of functional ingredients and next-to-no sugar. Our wrapped bars are perfect on-the-go snacks, with as much protein as an egg & way less sugar than traditional fruit snacks! Best part? The taste is always a hit with the younger crowd!

#2: Perfect Kids bars

With eight well-hidden superfoods, seven grams of protein, and kid-pleasing flavors like Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookie, it’s no surprise these bars are a favorite for moms and kids alike. They’re also non-GMO and gluten-free. 

#3: Smart Sweets

Sick of fighting with your kids about candy? Don’t worry! Smart Sweets gives them the candy they crave without any of the junk that keeps you up at night. We’re talking entire bags of the candy you know and love — like peach rings and gummy bears — with three grams of sugar. Yep, you read that right. Three grams of sugar for the entire bag. 

Plus, Smart Sweets gets a good amount of fiber into their candy so your kids will stay fuller longer after snack time.  

#4: GoodPop 

These organic freezer pops are perfect for this hot summer. They use real, clean ingredients like 100% fruit juice with no added sugar. They’re also non-GMO and have the seals you care about, like USDA organic certified for their fruit flavors and Fair Trade certified cocoa for their chocolate options. They use Fair Trade cane sugar and always steer clear of artificial ingredients, too. It’s the perfect way to keep cool. 

#5: Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bars

Looking for something you can throw in your bag to have at the ready when you need it most? These slim-but-satisfying layered fruit bars deliver. They’re made straight from fruits and veggies without any artificial flavors or synthetic colors. They’re USDA organic certified and Non-GMO Project verified. Oh, and they’re vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and kosher, too. 

#6: Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs

Move over, Cheetos. Lesser Evil’s Paleo Puffs come in a few great flavors, but their “No Cheese” Cheesiness is a near-guaranteed slam dunk with kids. They’re seasoned with non-dairy, organic seasoning to give that cheesy taste that keeps you coming back for more. But because they’re vegan, grain-free, and packed with nutrients, you won’t have to feel guilty when your kids do. 

#7: From The Ground Up Cauliflower Crackers

Another solid savory option, From The Ground Up has a bunch of tasty, crunchy snacks. In fact, they’re so delicious that we bet your kids will never guess they’re made from cauliflower. They’ve got pretzels, tortilla chips, and Cheez-it-like crackers. They’re a great vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO option to add to your arsenal.  

Stock your pantry and your purse with JOJO's Chocolate Wrapped Bars today. Dealing with hangry kids and busy days just got a lot easier! 

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