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JOJO's On-the-Go

The easiest JOJO's Chocolate to eat on-the-go

Life gets crazy. But you can create some just-for-you moments in even the busiest of days by stashing JOJO’s Wrapped Bites pretty much everywhere.

healthy snacks on the go

JOJO's In Your Purse

Stuck in traffic? Have just a few minutes before your next meeting? Feeling a little blah? Grab a wrapped JOJO’s Bite and open one up! We bet you’ll feel better the second you take your first bite.

JOJO's In Your Stroller

When mama needs a moment, JOJO’s can help.

Because our chocolates are low-sugar, gluten-free, and soy-free, you can feel great about giving them to your kids. A little chocolate for them, a little chocolate for you, and everyone’s mood is a little better.

JOJO's In Your Gym Bag

Pop some JOJO’s in your gym bag and have a little bit before you hit your workout. If you do, the studies say you’ll feel better during and after it.

JOJO's In Your Car

Anyone who has a tendency to get overly busy knows that your car can be your sanctuary. It’s a place to get away from everything else and be unbothered for a little while. Add dark chocolate into the mix and you’re in an ideal situation—at least, for a few minutes. 

Low-sugar or no-sugar added with at least 65% dark chocolate and tons of functional ingredients, JOJO’s Assorted Wrapped Bites are perfectly snackable! 

Indulge yourself DAILY guilt-free. You deserve it.