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How to Store Your Chocolate

The correct way to store your chocolate

You’ve probably placed your chocolate stash in various locations...

The pantry.
The fridge.
The freezer.
(Or under the bed, where your husband won’t find it.)

But did you order for chocolate to stay tasty for long, it needs to be stored at a constant temperature of 65-68°F. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity (like when taken in and out of a cold refrigerator) create the perfect storm to ruin the texture and taste of your chocolate.


Meet chocolate’s greatest enemy: HEAT.

It’s common sense that chocolate will melt in the heat. Well, what you didn’t know is that if your chocolate gets too warm - or is stored in a humid place - it can not only melt, but start to BLOOM! Chocolate bloom is when the sugar crystals reach the surface and create white or grey spots. While it’s safe to consume, the bloom adversely affects the appearance, taste and texture of chocolate. So placing chocolate in your pantry might be a bad idea if it tends to get toasty in there. Placing your chocolate in the freezer can also cause it to change color because of the the fluctuation in temperature. Keeping it in the fridge is OK, but not ideal unless you plan on eating it quickly.

Just make sure your stash is in a place that stays below 70° Fahrenheit

how to store chocolate


Quality chocolate can and will get old if you leave it around for too long. JOJO’s Chocolate Bark has a shelf life of 6 months, but we recommend eating it sooner for a fresher, more fulfilling taste with rich texture and flavor. The nuts in our bark are also best when eaten within a couple months! The nice thing about our dark chocolate is the re-sealable bag it comes in, which makes it easy to stay good for long when kept sealed.

We’ve had our fair share of chocolate melting (the summer months are not our favorite for business), and it’s a serious tragedy when it goes to waste! But lesson learned: we keep our current office - where we ship all website orders - nice and COLD for your precious chocolate... and we stay bundled up in sweatshirts and beanies, even when it seems hot outside (not kidding).

We are always working to provide YOU with the highest quality, unmelted and unbloomed dark chocolate bark. So please reach out if you ever unsatisfied with your order!

Team JOJO’s