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Savor Summer with Low-Sugar Fruits & Low-Carb Veggies

The best low sugar fruits and low carb veggies

There’s just something about summer that makes fresh produce seem especially appealing. In-season juicy strawberries and fresh watermelon beckon alongside other warm-weather favorites like grilled corn and zucchini. 

All told, nature presents a bounty during the summer months. But if you’re trying to watch your intake of sugar or carbs (which your body then converts into sugar), it can also present quite a bit of temptation. 

To help, we’ve compiled some of the healthiest low-sugar fruits and low-carb veggies. Work plenty of these into your diet to enjoy the flavors of the season while supporting your health goals. 

Three of our fave low-sugar fruits


Berries are often a go-to for people watching their sugar and carb levels, and strawberries are no exception. One cup of raw strawberry halves comes with under 7.5 grams of sugar and fewer than 12 grams of carbs. 

Plus, this summer staple delivers fiber, vitamin C, folate, potassium, and antioxidants. Strawberries have been linked to blood sugar regulation and heart health, too. 


A medium-sized peach comes with just 13 grams of sugar despite its ultra-sweet taste.

Peaches also contain antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C. And they’re great for your gut, skin, and heart health. 


You can enjoy a whole cup of diced watermelon and get just 10 grams of sugar. Throw it in the blender and the slushed watermelon can serve as a great base for some fun summer beverages, too. 

Watermelon also covers your ABCs. It offers you vitamins A, B1, B5, B6, and C. What’s more, it contains lycopene, an antioxidant that can help reduce inflammation and lower your cancer risk. 

Three of our top low-carb veggie picks


Slice cucumbers up to eat with your favorite dip, toss them in your salad, or muddle them in your poolside cocktail. A cup of this versatile veggie contains just 4 grams of carbs and only 16 calories. 

Cucumbers can help your body keep your blood sugar levels balanced and aid with digestion, too. You can peel cucumbers to slightly reduce carbs and calories, but you’ll be missing out on fiber. 


A cup of spinach contains just one gram of carbs — and most of those carbs are fiber. 

And it turns out that Popeye was onto something with his spinach obsession. Spinach is a great source of iron, as well as calcium, folic acid, and vitamin A. This green can help you keep your eyes healthy — and your body in general. It’s great for lowering blood pressure levels and cancer risk. 


First, let’s note that zucchini is technically a fruit. But since it’s widely thought of as a vegetable, we listed it here. 

One medium zucchini has just six grams of carbs, two of which are fiber. Plus, you can do a lot with this veggie, whether you turn it into zoodles or throw it on the grill. 

However you eat it, you’ll get quite a bit of vitamin A, which is great for your eyes and your immune system. 

More good news about these fruits and veggies? With the exception of spinach, they’re all in season right now. (And you can usually find spinach out of season, too.) Your farmers’ market is calling. 

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