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What Makes JOJO's Different?

The difference between JOJO's chocolate and "The Other Guys"

Well, let us explain! When Jojo first created her original dark chocolate bark in the home kitchen, her goal was to make a snack that 1 - Satisfied Her Cravings, and 2 - was Low In Sugar. She wanted her chocolate fix but could not find a healthier brand of chocolate that she loved.

Formulated to satisfy cravings. How?

Jojo experimented with various ingredients and got the genius idea one day to add PROTEIN to the chocolate. She chose a Non-GMO Casein Protein, because of its slow digesting properties that helped her stay full for longer. The protein mixed well, tasted great, and completely satisfied her craving with just half a bar! She found that with the addition of the protein, she did not experience a “blood sugar spike” or the adverse effects that too much sugar can have on our body. The protein kept her balanced and satiated.

So, there came the invention of THE FIRST CHOCOLATE BAR with ADDED PROTEIN! When you bite into JOJO’s dark chocolate bark, not only will you be satisfied with the rich, high quality chocolate, your tastebuds will LOVE the combination of crunchy nuts and chewy cranberries. We’ve perfected the recipe just for you.

Low in sugar.

We believe in eating a balanced diet full of foods and snacks that you love... including chocolate! However, we strongly advise eating dark chocolate instead of milk. This is because the sugar content in dark chocolate is low, helping you digest and assimilate the beneficial nutrients found in the cacao bean.

Jojo’s Chocolate Bark has half the amount of sugar found in a standard chocolate bar or protein bar. Our Original Dark Chocolate Bark has only 8 grams of sugar in each bar, and our Peanut Butter Delight only 6 grams. Check out these comparisons for reference. You might be surprised at how much sugar is in some chocolate! 

You probably get the picture.  We make a healthier chocolate that satisfies your cravings. We’re also a chocolate bark, not a chocolate bar. Like the peppermint bark you get at Christmas, only much better for you.

If you’ve tried JOJO’s, let us know what you think. And if not, what are you waiting for?