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Why You Should Snack More (No, Really!)

The 3 surprising benefits of snacking

Snacks have gotten something of a bad rap. In some cases, that’s warranted. But the right snacks at the right time can do a lot for you. Let’s take a look at three of the biggest benefits of snacking.

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#1- It Keeps Your Blood Sugar Level

Your body takes the sugar in your blood and turns it into fuel for your cells. When you don’t eat frequently enough, those blood sugar levels can get depleted, leading to issues from that hangry feeling and some serious sluggishness. 

Even a small snack can be enough to replenish blood sugar levels. And regular snacking can keep those levels from plummeting in the first place, helping you feel more balanced and energized throughout the day.

#2- It Keeps Your Metabolism Working

Thanks to the thermic effect of food, eating revs up your metabolism. That means that eating a little snack between meals can keep your metabolism working its best, helping your body convert what you eat into the energy you need.

#3- It Prevents Overeating

We’ve all been there. The day gets away from you and suddenly, it’s evening time and you’re famished. You sit down and scarf a huge meal. Afterward, you feel sluggish and overly full. 

If you lead a busy life, it can be hard to get three square meals a day. But your body needs regular fuel to keep going. And as we just hit on, skipping meals can lead to overeating later in the day.

Fortunately, a hero can come to the rescue. You guessed it. It’s snacking.

In short, snacking can help keep your body balanced, preventing low blood sugar and overeating while helping you feel energized throughout the day.

The trick, though, is to snack well. To reap the benefits of snacking without consuming too many calories or unwanted things like trans fats, you’ve got to snack smart.

Tips For Healthy Snacking


  • Stock your pantry, desk, purse, etc. Don’t let yourself be tempted to visit the vending machine, where you’ll see lots of junk. Keep yourself prepped with healthy, ready-to-go snacks (like our wrapped bars) so you can make a good food choice whenever hunger strikes. 
  • Snack on fruit and veggies. If you have a hard time meeting your daily requirement for fruit and veg, use your snacks. Keep a bowl of fruit on your counter or stock some carrots (or your crunchy vegetable of choice) in your office fridge. 
  • Evaluate why you’re snacking. Snacking when you’re hungry is a good idea. The hunger is your body telling you it needs nutrients. But it can be easy to confuse hunger and boredom. If you’re not quite sure why you’re reaching for a snack, try drinking a glass of water or a cup of tea first. Snacking because you’re bored can contribute to weight gain, especially because you might be quicker to reach for junk if you’re doing it purely for the diversion.   

Use these tips and you can snack wisely. That way, you’ll feel confident about your snack choices and you can stop ignoring your body when it tells you that it’s hungry. 

And don’t forget: the snack you reach for can be equal parts healthy and decadent. Don’t believe us? Try JOJO’s Chocolate, our low-sugar chocolates loaded with functional ingredients. 

We’re here to help you #SnackisfyYourCravings

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